Next week we will be hosting the first of the Executive Insight Series, bringing excellent speakers on Tuesdays. We remind you that as a courtesy to the speakers, the use of computers and mobile devices is not allowed during these sessions.

Next Tuesday 14th, we are happy to welcome Félix Moreno, a Trader & Portfolio Manager at RF Trading, and also one of the individual responsible for bringing Bitcoin to Spain.

This experience will be the focus of his talk. The talk will be in English, in room F001 (Mª de Molina 2) at 7:00pm.

12 thoughts on “EIS – Executive Insight Series

  1. Is there any Executive Insight Series coming soon?

  2. Executive Insight Series is really going to be one of the greatest things.

  3. EIS is great and I think we need more like these.

  4. Mobiles are not allowed in the meeting.

  5. No mobiles phones are allowed in the classroom.

  6. There should be no mobile in classroom

  7. Where I can learn more about this EIS?

  8. I would like to see more events like Executive Insight Series

  9. You should provide more detail on EIS

  10. This EIS has opened up my eyes and now I able to sleep well.

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